Phase I: Orthodontic treatment while baby teeth are still present in the mouth is known as Phase I orthodontic treatment. A small percentage of children may require Phase I treatment.  Dr. Zane will help  guide you through the pros and cons of this special type of treatment.  Phase I treatment typically includes limited braces or appliances like expanders.  They are usually in place for a very limited period of time in order to achieve limited goals that are specific to your child. If children have Phase I orthodontic treatment, typically they will need a second phase, or Phase II treatment, to align the adult teeth after they have erupted into the mouth.

Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment: This type of orthodontic treatment is traditional treatment once baby teeth have all “exfoliated” (fallen out).  Comprehensive treatment is traditionally carried out using metal braces that are fixed to the teeth.  Clear braces fixed to the teeth may be an option for some children. Invisalign is an option available to some teenagers as well. Dr. Zane and his team look forward to working with you to select the option that best fits your child’s unique situation.

Adjunctive Procedures: Cleanings, fillings, veneers/bonding, gum treatments, extraction of teeth, and jaw surgery are examples of procedures that may be needed in conjunction with braces to achieve improved results, however these procedures are not performed by an orthodontist.  At örthotex smile specialists, we will strive to work closely with other dental professionals in the community to coordinate such procedures during your child’s time in braces with us.