Financing Made Easy

Transparent, all-inclusive pricing structure & straight-forward discussions

At örthotex smile specialists, we do not want you to feel awkward about discussing finances. We know that orthodontic treatment and college education are two of the most important financial commitments that many families make. Our goal is to help reduce the stress and alleviate any worries. After Dr. Zane has conducted an examination and reviewed your x-rays, he will discuss the benefits and risks of orthodontic treatment and provide an overview of his recommended treatment plan. Once he has answered any remaining clinical or treatment questions you might have, our treatment coordinator will review finance options and provide a financial worksheet for you to keep.

We welcome all insurances. If you have a dental insurance plan that is new to us, we will contact them to find out how we can become an in-network provider, and we will keep you informed of the credentialing and network application process.

We confirm eligibility and benefits prior to your consultation, so that you will know in advance if orthodontic treatment is covered, what the benefit is, and how much your out-of-pocket expense will be.

In-house, no fee, no interest payment plans offered with checking/savings account auto draft

We offer no interest, no fee, in-house payment plan options and are excited to discuss these with you. We are able to offer payment plan options by setting up a monthly auto-draft using electronic fund transfer (EFT) from a checking or savings account.

We also accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards for treatment and we provide easy to understand receipts for those with a Health Savings Account (HSA), Flexible Spending Account (FSA), or a Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA).

One of our core values is access to affordable healthcare. This means that if asked, our treatment coordinator will sit down with you in a non-pressured, open, and cordial environment to help you look at your budget and do our best to come up with a payment plan that you can afford. The number of payments is not tied to the length of treatment and we are committed to working with you.