Dr. Zane and Chuck are wonderful! They made the scheduling and consultation pain free for both my daughter and son. I knew both my children needed braces, but I dreaded the cost. However, Dr. Zane fully believes braces should be affordable, and I was put at ease with their financing. Chuck tirelessly worked with our insurance to make sure we were able to use them. Most importantly, I appreciated their patience and knowledge while walking us through the process. A week after my daughter had her braces put on by Dr. Zane, I received a call from both him and Chuck checking up on her and making sure everything was okay. This experience has been great so far, for which we are so grateful, and we are secure in the knowledge we can contact Dr. Zane or Chuck if we have any questions or concerns.
-Megan J.

Dr Zane is awesome. They call and check on their patience and have a very clean facility very good with scheduling you in too and if you have a question late at night or early in the morning you can call. Love this place and will refer friends and family.
-Nicole S.

Dr Zane is a friendly professional that you can trust. The office is also very nice and modern. I recommend this place 100%.
-Rustan V.

The consultant for my daughter’s braces went smooth. No pressure. The office is like nothing I’ve ever seen. Very clean with a futuristic modern design. The deal is done. That’s where she’s getting her braces.
-Salome C.

Dr. Zane is awesome! My daughter loves it here! The office is brand new, clean & definitely cool! Not to mention Chuck is fantastic with the paperwork & financing.
Very affordable! 2 thumbs up!!
-Denice M.

Very neat office, Dr zane was wonderful as well as chuck. Will be referring all my friends and family. Online paperwork! Amazing!
-Ashley M.

Pretty certain we are in good hands! Thank you for your compassionate care today! Thank you Chuck for taking care of all the insurance stuff!
-Celina D.